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13 May 2017
00:11[shaners]Commented and closed a bunch of issues that 3.0 resolved.
00:12[shaners]2 of the remaining 5 are about doing The Right Thing with URLs (normalizing, absolutizing).
00:13[shaners]Does anyone use the `include-pattern` on their personal sites?
00:13tantekhah we were just discussing that.
00:13tantekAFAIK, it's usage has either fallen off, or never got traction with mf2 use-cases
00:14[shaners]thats been my anecdotal impression too
00:14tantekthat being said, one of its biggest use-cases, hResume, now h-resume, also hasn't gotten a lot of uptake
00:14tantekso there is the reasonable possibility that if h-resume takes off, then so will include pattern once again
00:14tantekHOWEVER, if no one implements include pattern in mf2 parsers, then perhaps that will present an opportunity to solve the h-resume use-cases differently (without depending on include pattern)
00:15[shaners]Do the other mf2 parsers support include-pattern?
00:15tantekso I'm willing to take a wait and see what "the market" does approach, and then re-evaluate the situ with that new information
00:15tantek*maybe* microformats-shiv (the Node parser) because Glenn Jones is so thorough
00:16[shaners]of course
00:16[shaners]he really is
00:20[shaners]Ok. The Ruby parser is in a good way now. The repo and issues are too.
00:21[shaners]When the `microformats` repo and gem get transferred and we do that transition, well be in an even better way.
00:22[shaners]All the major (and minor) pieces are in places. Now ben_thatmustbeme gets to just keep up with spec changes / additions and bugs as they get reported.
00:22Loqiben_thatmustbeme has 12 karma in this channel (219 overall)
00:49gRegorLoveI don't think I knew about include pattern before today, heh
01:56Loqi[@rubygems] microformats2 (3.0.1): Parses HTML for microformats and return a collection of dynamically defined Ruby objects (
02:06[shaners]ben_thatmustbeme that additions to deletions ratio on feels good.
02:09ben_thatmustbeme[shaners]: i started on a layout for webmention-client-ruby
02:09ben_thatmustbemeshould be pretty easy quick to make work
02:14[shaners]Is there not one already? I though apk made one.
02:14[shaners]Or is that just for sending web mentions?
02:18ben_thatmustbemei didn't know of one for sending
02:18* ben_thatmustbeme will have to check now
02:19ben_thatmustbemealso, i think issue #32 is already solved
02:20ben_thatmustbemenot sure, but just tried and it seemed ok
02:23ben_thatmustbemeactually, i think it could be better certainly
02:24ben_thatmustbemeoh, so there is
02:24ben_thatmustbemeits in the indieweb group too
02:27[shaners]I tested 32 against my site. The alternate URL was still just a path. `/feed`.
02:27[shaners]Also, we should move web mention talk over #indieweb to stay on topic in both places.
02:32ben_thatmustbemegood point
02:32ben_thatmustbemealthough i think the talk was done
10:57Loqi[[User talk:Johnbrad1]] N * Johnbrad1 * (+997) New page: Our Central London Psychotherapy Approach Just as a doctor considers more than the physical symptoms of a disease in developing treatment so do psychotherapists, counsellors, and other me...
17:57[shaners]spam ^^^
18:17Loqi[@Madelinelise] #TodayILearned What #Microsyntax is. #TIL #microformats #html (
18:22ben_thatmustbemeHmm idea for feature of parser, if given a fragment fetch only that part of the page and then parse that for mf2
18:23[shaners]Seems good. You might need the whole page or at least `<head>` for things like base / url normalization
18:24ben_thatmustbemeYeah, it&#39;s a bit strange. That&#39;s why I think it would have to be part of the parser
18:40[shaners]But Im saying the parser might need stuff from the head to properly parse the fragment.
18:40[shaners]BUUUUT maybe it could lazily load the head / rest of the page.
18:47[shaners]aaronpk tantek Do either you get email from (or forwarded from) ``? Thats the one on the indieweb org on GitHub.
18:49aaronpkI thought I had that forwarded to me
18:49[shaners]ill send you a test
18:50[shaners]oops its .com
18:52[shaners]ok. well, i guess the person just hasnt initiated the transfer yet.
14 May 2017
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