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13 Aug 2017
11:40jonnybarneswhat do people think of
11:40Loqi[jonnybarnes] `<span class=&quot;p-checked-in-by h-card&quot;>`?
11:40LoqiAlso, just because ownyourswarm provides the information doesnt mean everyone has to display it on their own site?
11:52ZegnatIf person X checks in person A somewhere, does it mean they are there together?
11:54jonnybarnesit does on Swarm
11:55jonnybarnesYou check yourself in somewhere, and you can add a friend as well
11:56ZegnatThat should just be a then, right? The person doing the check-in is the author of the check-in, then person tags for everyone that gets checked-in with them
11:57jonnybarnesso if use OwnYourSwarm, do I make them the author of the checkin? then me a person-tag?
11:57jonnybarnesI cant do that with my current website code
11:58jonnybarnesor do you mean say checked in by and then a normal person-tag
12:00ZegnatI think the person who is doing the check-in should be listed as author
12:01jonnybarneshmmm, so then the question is how does ownourswarm mark that up to post to a micropub endpoint
12:03ZegnatWhat I am thinking is that OYS should list the person who created the check-in as author on the object it submits to you. How you then handle that is up to you. But that sounds like the most accurate description of Swarms data.
12:14Loqi[jonnybarnes] `<span class=&quot;p-checked-in-by h-card&quot;>`?
12:14LoqiAlso, just because ownyourswarm provides the information doesnt mean everyone has to display it on their own site?
12:14ZegnatWoops, I mean
12:14Loqi[Zegnat] Summing up my points from the chat, note that I have no stake in the game as I do not use Swarm.
12:14LoqiI would expect whoever did the actual checking in on Swarm to be listed as the author on the `h-entry` submitted to the Micropub endpoint. People they...
13:08ZegnatDid that make sense, jonnybarnes?
13:41jonnybarnesyeah it makes sense
13:54Zegnattheoretically, on the implementation end, you could then handle it the same as any site sending you a webmention where they have checked you in.
15:53aaronpkThis discussion sounds a little too much like markup before design
15:55sebselWhat would &quot;design&quot; be in this case?
15:56sebselThe way it works?
15:57sebselI think the trap is here, that we need to come up with a Microformat, because we use Micropub, which uses the same vocab. Is it okay to put vocab in Micropub, if it&#39;s not used in Microformats?
16:03aaronpkLiteral design
16:03aaronpkhow it looks in the end on your site
16:04aaronpkstart there then find the appropriate microformats to describe it then we can use it in Micropub
16:05sebselAh, yeah, that&#39;s what we had in our earlier discussion
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16:06sebselI have no idea how, and IF I want that.
16:07ZegnatThe mf I posted there would be how I would implement it, I think. Would also be how I would implement something like Facebooks wall posts. They are other people writing into a feed of mine, but they are the primary author. But yeah, that was just my view on it as an outsider. Will be interesting to see how you would want it marked up on your sites
16:09tantekZegnat how do you know how you would implement it, if you don&#39;t know how you want it to look?
16:11ZegnatI would go with text posts, following the design for my new activity feed. Which would be:
16:11ZegnatI checked in at Foo or Alice checked me in at Foo. In the second example Alice would be marked up as u-author.
16:12tantekyeah that&#39;s definitely more an #indieweb question to figure out as a scenario, maybe #indieweb-dev for technical details
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14 Aug 2017
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