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12 Sep 2017
05:27vivusHello all.
05:45vivusZegnat: what OS do you use?
06:18Loqi[@gRegorLove] @kimadactl Not sure about crawling. Calagator can import events from hCalendar (microformats1) and there's a request to support h-event (microformats2) (
06:51Zegnatvivus: I am on macOS
08:13ZegnatDid you ever get h2vx running, vivus?
08:39vivusZegnat: I re-cloned the repo, did not make any modifications to the code, except for the sharing.js you did. The result I got was: no tidy :(No hCards found
09:07ZegnatYeah, there is no installation guide for h2vx. It requires HTML Tidy available to PHP.
09:09ZegnatI have some projects where I modify HTML through DOMDocument and run it through Tidy, so I already had that set-up
09:29vivusHTML Tidy? Zegnat
09:34vivusZegnat: finally, it works!
09:34vivusI was missing tidy
09:40ZegnatSorry for slow replies, I am in class.
09:40ZegnatYeah, Tidy is a PHP extension. But I guess you figured that out :)
10:29vivustook a while to get it working. Zegnat , how do I add instructions to make the setup easier for others?
10:48vivusare there any h-card generators in the wild?
10:55ZegnatI think veganstraightedge used to have a tool where people could create hcards. Don't have a link ready though.
10:56Zegnatvivus pull requests are always welcomed, just work on the README if you want to improve documentation.
10:57vivusZegnat: there is no readme for the h2vx site
10:58vivusI could create a CLI-tool for it. Zegnat do you have a link to the full list of properties for h-cards?
12:09Zegnatvivus: is a list of the common ones.
12:10ZegnatBut microformats are very flexible and extendable. See e.g. for a big h-card.
12:10LoqiMartijn van der Ven
12:12ZegnatIf you want to build vcards, it might be better to work back from vcard properties and finding out what microformats people are using to describe them.
12:36vivusZegnat: for now, I am targeting building a mf2 generator for h-cards
12:37vivuswhat programming languages are you familiar with? Zegnat
13:16Loqi[@cat_and_cat3] microformatsschema
13:16Loqimicroformats (
13:59Zegnatvivus, I work with the web, mainly JavaScript and PHP. Though I have worked a little with Ruby and C++.
13:59vivusZegnat: did you compose your h-card manually?
13:59ZegnatI would look for a mf2 parser in whatever language you are using, and skip writing the parser yourself. If that is an option for you.
14:00ZegnatYes, my homepage is all manual HTML
14:02vivusZegnat: maybe my language was unclear. I want to build an app that allows people to generate h-cards. None exist (from what I know)
14:02vivusUnless you know of a strategy where I can hack a generator via a parser
14:03Zegnat - I believe let people generate h-cards
14:03Loqi[veganstraightedge] h-card-as-a-service
14:04ZegnatThats the project I was referring to earlier today. Just got home, so I was only now able to dig it up.
14:10vivusawesome. you may have saved me enormous amounts of time :)
14:26[kevinmarks]Also, remember will check them
14:30vivus[kevinmarks]: are you chatting on a slack group?
14:35sebselvivus The IndieWeb Slack's channel #microformats (see is bridged to this channel.
14:36vivuswait, that doesn't make sense. why would an indieweb use a slack group?
14:38sebselI'm afraid this is not the right channel to discuss that, but it's just one way to join the discussion :)
14:38vivuswhere should I discuss it? sebsel
14:39vivusthat channel is empty :)
14:40sebselwithout the question mark certainly not. I'm in it.
14:42[kevinmarks]I use slack on my phone more because I don't have an irc bouncer set up.
16:17Loqi[@m4rseo] Des exemples super complets pour vos microformats en JSON (
18:53tantekWould it be helpful to have a navigable set of actual microformats in JSON like that?
18:53aaronpklike what?
18:54aaronpkjsonld . com is blocked according to my list of blocked domains (malware)
18:54tantekbut not blocked by Twitter then
18:57tantekit's a WordPress site - so if there's malware it was likely planted externally
18:58tantekGoogle seems to think it's ok:
18:59tantekI mean, that's from 2017-08-31 so who knows if that is out of date, but curious if you can find evidence of mal. I did a quick view source scan and didn't see anything (beyond WordPress 4.8.1 - which is the latest)
19:02tantekok so here's the weird thing - they have no actual JSONLD example in their example pages, e.g.
19:02aaronpkok i'll whitelist it
19:02tanteknor in the source! so they're not using JSONLD themselves
19:05tantekoh weird, they're including it remotely via JS from github
19:06tantekto display on the page visibly
19:06tantekbut they don't have any "application/ld+json" in the source of their own pages which is quite ironic.
20:03[kevinmarks]They have mf2 though
20:05tantekwait what
20:06tantekon what page? I didn't see any on /article
20:07tantekI'm guessing compat mf1 seen by your parser
20:08[kevinmarks]Ah, mf1 yes
20:08[kevinmarks]With my wp compatiblity extensions
20:08tantekoh? are those documented somewhere? like as a backcompat proposal?
20:09tantek(for parsers)
20:09tantekyeah it's hAtom from their WP theme
20:09[kevinmarks]I think I did.
20:10[kevinmarks]See the h-feed mapping
20:14tantekhey there's no backcompat section in the h-feed spec!
20:14tanteknot sure how I missed that
20:14[kevinmarks]Hm, I should fix that.
20:15tantekI'll get to it eventually, but if you want to take a crack at it, start by cloning the structure of
20:15[kevinmarks]The top level stuff in hAtom was pretty sparse
20:15tantekit's ok to start backcompat as minimal / sparse
20:15tantekthat's a good way to start it,
20:15tantekand then add "Proposed" for the stuff you've discovered
20:15tanteksimilar to how has a couple of "Proposed" items
20:16Loqi[Tantek elik] h-entry is a simple, open format for episodic or datestamped content on the web. h-entry is often used with content intended to be syndicated, e.g. blog posts. h-entry is one of several open microformat standards suitable for embedding data in HTML.
20:16tantekwell that was odd Loqi - why show a link preview the second time and not the first?
20:18tantekhmm - there shouldn't be a separate "Parsing" section there on h-feed
20:18tantekthat's an error. those kinds of extension should only be for backward compat
20:19tantekthat I can't leave be
20:24Loqi[[h-feed]] * Tantek * (+472) replace misleading "Parsing" section with "Backward Compatibility" stub sections
20:24tantekok KevinMarks, backcompat section stubbed very minimally with the content that was there - stub warnings etc.
20:24tantekhave at it!
20:27[kevinmarks]Partly hAtom didn't specify anything at the hfeed level, which was a bit of an omission. Part of that is that Atom has the slightly odd inheritance model between feed and entry
20:29tantekand we didn't manage to verify any of that odd inheritance with real world examples so we should ditch it by default
20:29tantekuntil we find actual examples we can't solve any other way
20:30[kevinmarks]Author inheritance was used
20:31[kevinmarks]But author discovery covers that I think
20:31tantekright, we separated it out to a specific algorithm, instead of making the format more complicate
20:32[kevinmarks]Omitting title and subtitle at the feed level was a bit odd though. I don't remember how we got there
20:34tantekconceptually or backcompat? we have p-name and p-summary
20:36[kevinmarks]Backcompat. We fixed it in h-feed but hAtom had nothing top level except category
20:46Loqi[[h-feed]] * GRegorLove * (+3) /* Parser Compatibility */ fix </span>
20:47Loqi[[h-feed]] * GRegorLove * (-3) /* Parser Compatibility */ https indieweb url
20:48tantek that first edit. Good sign I should get/make (late) lunch.
20:48tantekgRegorLove++ thanks for promptly noticing/fixing :)
20:48Loqigregorlove has 14 karma in this channel (181 overall)
23:41Loqi[[h-feed]] * Kevin Marks * (+238) /* Parser Compatibility */ wordpress suggestions
13 Sep 2017
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