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11 Jan 2017
01:36gRegorLoveAny examples of in the wild I can use? I can make up my own example for the tests, but real world would be nice.
01:36* gRegorLove checks chat logs for 2015-020
01:40Loqi[Jean M Russell] Testing
01:53gRegorLoveOnly seems to have mf1
01:56gRegorLoveThanks, Internet Archive!
01:56Loqi[Jean M Russell] Testing
01:57gRegorLoveHah, but *then* it had h-entry.
01:58gRegorLoveWell, enough to construct an example here, at least.
02:31gRegorLoveHm, may not have this backcompat as solved as I thought I did, heh.
02:57Loqi[@kidswharf1] Microformats: Empowering Your Markup for Web 2.0 by John Allsopp (
20:34Loqi[@hardwareviews] #HReview Teclado Mecnico para Gamers @CoolerMaster MasterKeys PRO S #PCGaming #GamingSetup #Gadgets (
12 Jan 2017
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