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7 Sep 2017
07:55dimi1947take a look at this I cannot understand whay when not filled the pricefield outputs 1
07:55dimi1947while the servicefield outputs "" as expected
08:24thykkadimi1947, how could anyone possibly answer that when servfield and pricefield are only mentioned once withinconsole.log?
08:25thykkathere's absolutely no hints to where those values are coming from and you're asking why :P
08:27thykkacould as well ask what is the value of foo and which index of bar is equal to 5
15:36taurgalHie. I have file with UTF8 names
15:37taurgalShould I escape there names and/or url links (href) pointing to them?
16:22thykkataurgal, generally, yes
16:22thykkaencodeURIComponent('your utf-8 string ")
16:26taurgalthykka: encode filenames and href? Or only href?
16:27thykkapick one
16:27thykkagenerally the URI is what's encoded
16:27thykkabut if you can rename the files to ASCII, that should work nicely too
8 Sep 2017
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