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5 Jan 2017
13:03prillian5The &#39;name&#39; attribute is no longer valid on the <a> element and should not be used.
13:03prillian5what else to use for internal anchors?
13:08dahlforsyou should use &quot;id&quot;
13:09prillian5still got it. Easy and short answer is &quot;use ID&#39;s&quot;
13:09prillian5Thanks anyway
15:32ra21viQuestion regarding cors, I have a web app deployed on server A, which makes call to server B.. which server has to implement those cors header?
23:27_u2pop_hello all
23:27_u2pop_i want to know in what codes is maked this website
23:27_u2pop_is html or php or any other plataform ?
6 Jan 2017
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