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21 Apr 2017
02:29dkk3I'm a total beginner who is wanting to create a small sports stats site. I have a few questions to get me started. Is anyone here available in the next few minutes to help?
02:30dkk3I will get the data in some text format...csv, json, xml, or some other thing. It doesn't really matter. The site is a typical sports stats with a team page that includes player links. Clicking on a player will give detailed stats for every game by that player.
02:32dkk3Basically, I'm not sure where to go after I have the data. Here's what I imagine: Given the raw text data with all the sports stats, use python to parse them and create HTML pages put in the correct directory. Is that a good/bad way to do things? Is a database needed if I just want to show static stats?
04:18hydronxhey can anybody help with my issue please I'm a newb how can I display twitter time lines?
04:18hydronxI have tried iframe but it dosnt display anything
06:40ccatq: (in chromium),;about:blank&quot;) -- Both pages are like JUST <html> <body>zzzzz</body> </html> -- but browser zoom only works on p2 -- WHY??
09:00furballhtml5 guys?
09:00ccatnot really it seems
09:31ccatthink someone asked a question the other day also
12:34samcrowfeet123So it ain&#39;t active
13:58DavidBradburyI mean, it isn&#39;t normally active unless conversation starts - And it was 8:30am Eastern samcrowfeet123 :p
14:00SuperSeriousCatAnd not really a topic you can talk about for days
20:23LeFibonacciI&#39;m so confused about the different and reason for id/class/attribute selectors and all of these different identifiers. Is it just because when you get an extensive amount of content you will run out of identifiers and need new ones, i.e. class instead of id?
20:24LeFibonaccione of those things I&#39;ll understand with more practice?
20:26SuperSeriousCatMore of a CSS thing. You can only have one ID, and the name got to be unique. It is worth 10 points. Classes you can have put on everything with the same name. Worth 1(?) point. Maybe more
20:26LeFibonacciokay well I see that class can do what id can but in mass quantities
20:28SuperSeriousCatThis explains it alot better than I can
20:32SuperSeriousCatMost just do classes everywhere. Maybe ID on stuff that guaranteed to be only once like header and footer
20:32LeFibonacciwhat the heck
22 Apr 2017
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