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19 May 2017
03:24notchrisIm having a weird canvas pattern issue. Some blocks with patterns next to eachother cause a flashing 1px margin
09:12spoonsearchHello, World!
09:21spoonsearchHello guys
09:25thykkanotchris, rounding error?
09:26spoonsearchI'm new here on IRC, can someone please confirm if my messages are visible on the other side.
10:21thykkaspoonsearch, I can't see your message
10:22spoonsearchLol, now i know :) Thanx
13:52notchristhykka: I dont think there is any rounding going on
13:53thykkaof course there is, pixel coordinates are integers
13:54notchrisThats true
13:54notchrisI think the main issue is that some of the blocks with transparent bgs (items / objects) dont always start where the block would
13:54notchrisSo I should really take more consideration in the actual patterns
13:55notchrisLess about the placement, because it will be all kinds of goofy if they arent setup initially
13:55notchrisThat diagram is helpful
16:06steinchenhi all..
16:07steinchensome mobile issue; i want to play a square video in 1:1 using html 5. but when you rotate it should switch to 16:9 view
16:07steinchenisit possible? you have hints where i can read about that? google didnt help me out
20 May 2017
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