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19 Mar 2017
03:01JoseLuis_Good night ALL
03:04JoseLuis_Does anyone can help me about how to make a web project where can show data in real time and show graphs in real time too?
03:04JoseLuis_Using html5
12:11mrec_hmm does anyone know how to decode following websocket values?
12:11mrec_c1 b6 9e 85 f8 13 6c cd d5 59 cb aa ae 3b
12:11mrec_b6&7f = payload length?
12:11mrec_9e,85,f8,13 = mask?
12:11mrec_6c sould be masked with 9e?
12:12mrec_cd ^ d5 ?
12:19mrec_the websocket documentation is shitty .. again too much documentation out there which just doesn't match the real world
12:20mrec_it should decode to somewhat like conn.send("Here's som
19:42enojI am creating a service where customers get a snippet of Javascript to add to their website. This snippet adds a <script> with a src from my domain. In this code I was thinking of injecting an iframe to show content from my server, instead of building a bunch of HTML and injecting it into their site (seems cleaner). Of course I hit the same-origin policy right away with <iframe>. Can this be
19:42enojavoided? I don&#39;t need to communicate between the parent page and my iframe, I only need to show the iframe from a different domain
20 Mar 2017
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