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17 Mar 2017
14:06gecko19Hello all, is there some mechanism I can use to replace a video tag in the DOM with my own polyfill...I want to replace the native video tag with my own one to provide some extra features on the video tag
14:23DLSteve_gecko19, what kind of features?
14:25gecko19Hi DLSteve_, AudioTrackList
14:26gecko19and other properties
14:29gecko19Would it be possible to disable the native video tag and then use the polyfill to create the tag.
14:39nielsvCan someone help me with this?
14:42dahlfors_wg 35
21:11DreadKnightAnyone that would be interested in trying out a my free tbs html5 game that's kinda like HoMM3 combined with MTG?
18 Mar 2017
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