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16 Mar 2017
11:43thykkaI made a multi-user drawing webapp once
11:43thykkawith canvas
11:43thykkaand websockets
11:45thykkait was just a PoC though, and the server didn't keep track of what was already drawn
11:46thykkabut it's definitely possible! SVG-version would be a bit more complex to implement though
11:47thykkaand here I am, replying to yesterday's messages, by the person who already left the channel n_n
12:47moo-_-thykka: for multi user collaborative edit check
12:48moo-_-the underlying framework works other tasks besides prose
12:56thykkai try to avoid framework-itis when possible :]
12:58thykkasome call it NIH-syndrome, but for educational purposes it's better to figure how a thing should be implemented, instead of learning to use a black box
13:18moo-_-yes, it's always the satisfying feeling to bang your head against the wall until it bleeds :)
13:31thykkathis particular case involved no bleeding. Websockets are pretty simple
13:32thykkathe implication that using frameworks would bypass bleeding is unrealistic
13:32thykkaI mean, if the framework suits your use-case, fine. If not, shoehorning it doesn't make anyone's life any easier
18:07aaron_swartzWhat is data-toggle ?
18:08aaron_swartzAnd also data-target ?
18:09aaron_swartzHow to think in a responsive way ?
17 Mar 2017
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