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16 Apr 2017
19:56wookie_Is there a way to use socket io to stream a getUserMedia audio stream to a node server and then to a client?
22:18kurajberquick noobish question - is placing text inside a div but with no other tags a bad practice or not?
22:19kurajbereg. <div class=&quot;smth&quot;> some text here </div>
22:19kurajberopposed to <div class=&quot;smth&quot;> <p> some text here </p> </div>
22:34ccatQ: have just <embed src=&quot;; name=&quot;ff&quot; type=&quot;application/x-shockwave-flash&quot;>...</embed> in <body> of 2 pages. Browser-zoom works on 1st page only -- (while JS-db is paused)
17 Apr 2017
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