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13 Jul 2017
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08:57rianby64Hi people! I've a question. Which approach is better? scripts or modules?
11:42EAlwaysHello folks! How come IE11 don't let me interact with inputfields?
11:42EAlwaysIf you check out (click on the startscreen and try to enter anything in the input fields that come up), IE11 won't let you focus ont hem. O,o
11:42EAlwaysAnyone? :p
11:54EAlwaysI can mention that it is possible to focus and interact with it if you wait several seconds and click like a crazy :p
11:54EAlwaysSomething which is certainly not a desirable solution.
12:01thykkaokay I think I ound it..
12:01EAlwaysWoop Woop!
12:01thykka#popcc is blocking it
12:01EAlwaysHow did I screw up? :p
12:01thykkaif I remove it from the DOM completely, there's no issue with input field focus
12:01thykkait seems to have opacity: 0;
12:02thykkawhich isn't enough to block pointer events
12:02EAlwaysOh. Hmm. I have to take a look at that
12:02EAlwaysDo you mean the DIV #popcc or the CSS?
12:02thykkathe html element
12:02thykkai bet this can be fixed by seting it to display: none; once it's supposed to be hidden
12:03EAlwaysHmm. I will check it out. Thanks a bunches!
12:03thykkayes, display: none; will help
12:04thykkaso.. line 662 in the html, add this; document.getElementById("popcc").style.display = "none";
12:05thykkaEAlways ^
12:05EAlwaysI just put display:none, which worked like a chark!
12:06thykkait would be smart to cache your selectors btw :)
12:06EAlwaysOh, you even found the place to add display-change.
12:06EAlwaysCache selectors?
12:07EAlwaysWhat is that? hehe
12:07thykkayes, in JS, you have this on multiple rows in the same code block; document.getElementById("foo")
12:07thykkaif you do this;
12:07thykkavar myElement = document.getElementById("foo"); = "0" etc..
12:07thykkathen the element needs to be found only once
12:08thykkawhich is faster and less code to maintain
12:08EAlwaysAh. I never thought about the need to actually find them.
12:08thykkaperformance wise it's not the end of the world, especially in scripts which only run infrequently, but it's a good habit to get into
12:09thykkayes, the browser has to scan through the HTML (or actually, the DOM) to find that element
12:09EAlwaysMakes sense though. I usually do it this way because it's easier to find errors when debugging.
12:10EAlwaysYou've made my day, thykka! Been scratching my head out for like 4 hours :p
12:10thykkahehe, glad I could help!
18:20ytrezqHello, which image format I should use in order to display stereoscopic pictures on a web page with stereoscopic capable monitors?
21:15ytrezqHello, which image format I should use in order to display stereoscopic pictures on a web page with stereoscopic capable monitors?
21:28gonzoloCheers. I'm trying to load up an image into a small canvas (200x200) and then zoom into part of that image on a larger canvas, say 500x500. The original image may be 2000x3000 or so, but when I zoom in, I loose all detail of the original image
21:29gonzolois it preferable to load an image into a canvas first?
21:29gonzoloI mean is it preferable to load the image into an <img> tag first
21:46ytrezqHello, which image format I should use in order to display stereoscopic pictures on a web page with stereoscopic capable monitors?
22:49IT2ChampionHi everyone! I was just hopping in here to see if anyone could give me some dumbed down guidance on making a button in HTML that will open a local (or on organizations shared drive) file. I get the gist of how to make the button, but to add the &quot;on click open this&quot; functionality work, I am a bit lost. Essentially my goal is to create a simple .hta file to give a basic GUI to some scripted functions that I have.
14 Jul 2017
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