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13 Feb 2017
11:07geoid_I have unicode characters from a custom font file that I want to use within my HTML how can I do that? e.g. \e902
11:47geoid_answer is: &#xe902
14:42corkybetaHey guys, is it possible to do media queries without a stylesheet?
14:44corkybetaI have a site with all styling done in <head> so far but i want to have devices below 480px with a smaller font size. that&#39;s my only requirement so i would prefer not to create a separate stylesheet just for that
14:58thykkawhy would it have to be a separate stylesheet?
15:00dahlforsthe answer is: yes - just as you can put any type of css rules in one css file or inside an inline style tag - you can also put media queries there
15:01thykkadid you just use a hyphen as an em-dash?
15:02dahlforsyes. used to do that one irc
15:03dahlforsit annoys me though, being into design & typography...
15:03dahlforsbut it&#39;s foolproof for irc
15:03dahlfors*on, not one
15:04dahlforscan&#39;t see them properly in this irssi either it seems
15:04dahlforssomething is broken with the utf-8, but I&#39;m not sure what. looks good
15:05thykkausing through screen/tmux?
15:05dahlforsmight be some recoding options that is the issue though
15:05dahlforsI&#39;ve just copied & pasted some settings for irssi
15:06dahlforsthat&#39;s broken too...
15:07thykkaemojis do show up for me, but they cause some weird display issues
15:07dahlfors16:05 recode_fallback = ISO-8859-15
15:07dahlfors16:05 recode_out_default_charset = ISO-8859-15
15:07dahlforsguess that might be an issue?
15:07thykkalike, the &quot;i&quot; from your message&#39;s &quot;irssi&quot; is now visible on the next 3 lines too, just underneath the original
15:07dahlforssince those characters probably don&#39;t exist in 8859-15
15:09dahlforshmmm. recode out didn&#39;t matter
15:11iAMuButBetterAnyone know why javascript push notifications don&#39;t work for android Chrome?
15:14iAMuButBetterSays it works but I can&#39;t find a working example anywhere
15:14iAMuButBetterand i&#39;ve looked at maybe 15 now
15:14dahlforsiAMuButBetter: says it needs prefix for android
15:15iAMuButBetteroh ye
15:16iAMuButBetterso stupid, i swear chrome was first to do notifications on desktop
15:19iAMuButBetterthank you!!
16:21filipoouhi there! I&#39;ve got an old drupal site and recently it started to show blank squares in random places in text content (it happens only on chrome/windows). I inspect those elements and chrome dev tools show there red dot. When I hover on that dot there is little tooltip that says &#39;\u3&#39;, I believe that&#39;s &#39;end of text&#39; unicode character. My question is: why chrome (and only chrome) started to try render that
14 Feb 2017
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