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11 Jan 2017
00:10biyectivo1234hi, does anyone have experience with Framework7?
11:14DelphiWorldHi HTML5ers
11:14DelphiWorldwhat's the player to chouse, video.JS or MediaElement and player?
11:27DelphiWorldif i use gulp and a project that have fonts, css and everything. would that be auto included while building my project?
19:03Grovert11Anyone can help me with a problem I get when I run my webgame on my iPhone?
19:03Grovert11On my phone I'm not able to type in the input
19:04Grovert11You can also see the webgame at
19:04Grovert11It'll be a customised version of an open source flappy bird
19:35ragecraze<td><input type=&quot;button&quot; name=&quot;7&quot; value=&quot;7&quot; onclick=&quot;calculator.display.value += &#39;7&#39; &quot;></td>
19:35ragecrazeguys i want to put the script of this button in an external js file,
19:35ragecrazehow do i do it please?
12 Jan 2017
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