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11 Aug 2017
08:00JrvqHi Im currently working on this html5 game and Im using phaser framework. My problem is that when ever I try to "pause" the game it will still run some of the phasers own functions on the main update loop. Here is simplified part of my code
08:02JrvqBasically by pressin "W" (line 78) will make variable "started" true therefor line 74 will return out from the loop
08:02Jrvqthis way the player will stop moving like it should but that forEach loop (lines 82 - 87) still keeps running for some reason
08:05Jrvqmost horrible explenation, I hope you get the idea
13:47zuloydwhen I set crossOrigin="use-authentication", does it pass ALL active cookies for the current page, or only those that have been sent in the request header on the last refresh?
13:54SuperSer-Sounds like a webserver question
13:55SuperSer-Or what you call Nginx/Apache etc
14:04zuloydno it's an HTML5 question
14:04zuloydI mean crossOrigin as an attribute for e.g. a <video> tag
14:04zuloydit&#39;s a question about browser behavior
12 Aug 2017
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