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6 Jan 2017
19:37unlordyaowu: I'm having a hard time disabling style warnings using // clang-format off
19:37unlordcan you have a look at and let me know if you see anything wrong with it?
19:38yaowuOK, I will take a look, but will be this afternoon
19:43unlordyaowu: no problem
20:44yaowuunlord, I believe the warnings on that commit are from cpplint,
20:45yaowuyou can try // NOLINT
20:53TD-Linuxunlord, also note that the "Style Warnings" bot and what passes Jenkins (clang-format) are different
21:11unlordTD-Linux: I figured it was something like that
23:15unlordSo adding // NOLINT at the top didn't fix it.
23:16unlordI'm going to just give up on it and land 6761 by itself.
23:17TD-Linuxdon't worry about the linter
23:17TD-Linuxunlike clang-format it doesn't stack up in later patches I think
23:17unlordTD-Linux: no it doesn't
7 Jan 2017
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