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21 Apr 2017
15:49wiakany tweaks i can do to improve multi-threading vp9 encoding? ffmpeg/shotcut kagami_ helped me last time but now with ryzen i cant get it to even use all the cores/threads :/
15:50kagami_do you use -row-mt?
15:51wiakdont seem to be in my config
15:56gnafuHow many threads is it using?
15:57wiakam using shotcut, so it uses a older ffmpeg version, lemme try getting shotcut devs to add newer libvpx
15:59gnafuShotcut's my currently favorite for video editing :-).
16:05wiakopenshot is also pretty good to bad its really unstable under windows
16:05gnafuI haven't had as much a chance to play with it since it's gotten some decent Windows builds.
16:06gnafuBut I have been following its progress closely, too :-).
16:10wiakqmelt 15% 1-pass, qmelt vp9 2-pass = ~25% in taskmgr processes, shotcut 17.04 no row-mt
16:10wiaklemme try a fresh nighly ffmpeg
16:34utackkagami_ any way to have row mt on windows until ffmpeg builds 1.6.2 ?
16:36kagami_utack: what is 1.6.2? ffmpeg version?
16:37utacki thought libvpx 1.6.2 has the new row mt aboard
16:38kagami_ah, no, you need ffmpeg and libvpx from git
16:46utackyeah 1.6.2 is not released yet i that on some mailing list
18:52peloverdeIs fast10bit the only 10bit set on awcy?
19:11derfobjetive-2-fast also has some 10-bit in it (though it is not entirely 10-bit).
19:17TD-Linuxand objective-2-slow of course
22 Apr 2017
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