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20 Apr 2017
18:12rillianmy test encode as an invisible frame at the start of every webm cluster, but no marked keyframes.
18:15rilliandoes av1 not have keyframes?
18:22Caspy7rillian: I'm not a dev, but was pretty sure it does
18:30rillianI thought it did too. Maybe it's a bug.
18:30rillianI guess I'll read through the muxer
18:30rillianafter lunch
21:20rillianah, we were calling the libvpx is_keyframe check on av1 packets, which happens to return false.
21:49rillianod_dering_simd.h, line 366: assertion failed: (h & 0x7) == 0
21:49rillianlooks like progress!
21:52rillianrush_hour even plays!
23:44mbxhmm, didn't realize my IRC client crashed
23:44mbxTD-Linux so I need to figure out the default canvas scaling
23:44mbxi guess on HiDPI i need to set the scale to 1 / device pixel ratio
23:45TD-LinuxI think that's preferred - at least for me, while I run HiDPI, I always set the analyzer to 50% zoom
23:45TD-LinuxI think 1:1 device pixel makes sense
21 Apr 2017
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