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19 Apr 2017
01:15ltrudeauanyone interested in reviewing some CfL patches?
01:58derfltrudeau: Ask me again tomorrow, if you don't get any other volunteers.
01:59ltrudeauderf: I volunteered unlord and Steinar :)
01:59derfEven better.
02:00ltrudeauIntel did a lot of cross check work for LM Mode I forgot to ask for reviewers during the presentation
02:04Caspy7ltrudeau: is there a way you can still contact them for reviewers?
02:05ltrudeausome might be in the channel right now :), if not I think getting the code into AV1 will make it accessible to more people
13:35utackholy crap, i just tried x265 10bit vs av1 8bit again, roughly same encoding speed and exact same bitrate. av1 looks a lot better now at low bitrate. congrats to everyone working on the recent improvements
13:49ltrudeauutack: did you try av1 10bit?
13:49utacknot yet
13:49ltrudeauutack: I think a lot of work as been done to improve high bit depth in AV1
13:50utacki read one bugreport that it is not as good as 8bit..maybe it was old
13:50utackcpu-used=3 vs veryslow
13:50utackthe amount of detail it preserves comared to x265 is remarkable here
13:54ltrudeauutack: that's a cool site, I will post some of my CfL work there
13:55utackfile size is quite limited, i think 10mb :/
13:55utacki can only add one comparison a time
13:56utackbut yes the site is very useful
13:56utacktesting 10bit now
13:57utackand a bit higher bitrate, 1200 for this scene was just brutal..
14:00ltrudeauIt would be cool to have a field for metadata, like the number of bits, or some quality metric score
15:44TD-Linuxare you sure you targeted the same file size?
15:55utackTD-Linux down to less than one percent, if you meant me
16:34gnafuutack: Wow.
16:37peloverdecan someone who knows the accounting system take a look at
16:39unlordpeloverde: I'll have a look
16:39peloverdethanks the difference for this disparity mainly because AV1 is better in general, or that HEVC didn't do much optimization for lower bitrates?
17:30Caspy7my only qualm is that parts of the H and the G in "SHANGHAI" fade away
17:30Caspy7this also has me wondering if CfL was included in this
17:30Caspy7kinda guessing no because based on current work I'd expect it to fix this
17:34ltrudeauCaspy7: no CfL in this
17:34ltrudeauCfL is still on my personal github repos
17:34utacki used the default "configure" for this, no experiements or any other flags
17:35ltrudeauI sent the request to add CfL as an expirement so it will be added soon, but you still have to explicitly enable it
17:38ltrudeauIf you used a recent commit you probably got CDEF enabled by default
18:24utacktried it again, 8bit vs 8bit this time and with a bit higher bitrate (1750), speed 3 vs veryslow
18:24utackdifference is smaller, but av1 still preserves the shape of objects better
18:28utackx265 has an odd tentency to "lag" in movement at low bitrate
18:34BBButack: are they the same frame? some of the lights on top disappear in the mouseover version
18:35BBB(the city lights across the river)
18:35utackvery odd yes, i think they are, but no gurantees
18:35kpucit's not the same frame as before -- it appears to be a few frames later
18:36utacknot as before, no
18:36BBBits very strange that the lights would just entirely disappear
18:37utackmaybe i got it wrong..don't think so, but not entirely sure either
18:37kpuci think they are getting blended into neighboring pixels
18:39utackthese were the two files i used
18:41utackhmh oh got converted to 24fps..well it was not a good comparison either way, just a quick look at how things are with roughly same encoding speed and bitrate
18:41utackpretty good i'd say
18:51Caspy7utack: sorry if my sleepy brain hasn't processed everything, so you're saying at the same encoding speed and bitrate AV1 is notably better from these comparisons?
18:51kpuca frame about three seconds into both files look identical
18:52utacknot really, i just said it looks better at reaaaly low bitrate, and to my untrained eye
18:54Caspy7so one potential takeaway could be that HEVC is not well optimized for very low bitrates
18:55utackto be fair 1200 average on this scene is really brutal, not even youtube or netflix are going that low :D
19:00Caspy7utack: yes...but if they could achieve 240p quality (or whatever the lowest is) at a lower bitrate, they would :)
20:36ltrudeauwho's the best person to contact to get an experiment added into AV1?
20:37TD-Linuxpost a patch onto gerrit then ask jzern to add it to nightlies
20:38ltrudeaupatch is on gerrit already
20:39ltrudeauemail sent
20:52rillian30 frames per minute. I think I need a shorter test clip.
20:52rillianTD-Linux: does your test thing make encoded files available?
20 Apr 2017
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