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18 Mar 2017
00:06TD-Linuxpushed updated one that removes the best deadline entirely
00:08TD-Linuxthere aren't actually that many differences with best... it uses a different motion search shape and some different constants... though I'm not really sure if it would even perform better anymore. I guess I could test it.
21:54neil--hi all! Looking forward to the AV1 codec
21:54neil--hoping it gets in physical devices soon :)
22:10Caspy7neil--: I think the current goal is to do a bistream freeze in November. So it won't be horribly soon.
22:10neil--ya, i'm basically crossing my fingers that it'll make it's way into a macbook sometime in 2018
22:11neil--i'm on an old macbook, and it would be nice timing alongside 802.11ax
22:11neil--nice inflection point with a bunch of tech changes
22:11Caspy7neil--: has Apple actually expressed an intent to release an update in 2018?
22:11neil--6 year old macbook at this point - only a new SSD saved it :)
22:11Caspy7I will point out that Apple has not yet joined the AOM
22:11neil--apple releases macbooks at least once a year
22:12neil--well they use intel chips
22:12Caspy7about all the other big players have joined the AOM :P
22:12neil--so i'm assuming that the onboard igpu from intel will have the av1 support, much like their kaby lake igpus have hardware decoding for vp9 and hevc
22:12Caspy7I was under the impression they haven't been updating their hardware very frequently. Maybe I'm thinking of Macbook Pros
22:13neil--their desktops are super old
22:13neil--macbooks update more slowly than other competitors, but they did just do an update
22:13neil--i think their desktop is like 3-4 years old at this point
22:15neil--dec 2013 apparently
22:15neil--3.5 years old or so
22:17* Caspy7 nods
22:19quikeea piece of silicon without drivers is useless...
22:19quikeeand guess who writes them for OSX... oh sorry macos
22:23neil--i guess apple is an investor in HEVC too
22:23neil--av1 has so much support though I can't see them ignoring it
22:24neil--if netflix, youtube, etc are all using it
22:24Caspy7that's the hope at least
22:27quikeesure.. let's see
22:27neil--do people think the AV1 encode times can become reasonable?
22:27neil--seems like a big issue right now
22:28quikeebut 2018 is too soon
22:28neil--ya prob late 2018 if any shot
22:28quikeeyeah.. it is nothing unexpected that they are so slow
22:28neil--2019 isn't unlikely of course which makes me sad
22:29neil--was really hoping to update my laptop soon
22:29neil--but watching videos is such an annoyance on laptops it's worth waiting
22:29neil--fans spin up like crazy playing vp9 stuff now on youtube
22:31neil--it's super annoying
22:31neil--because you can't hear videos over the fans
22:31neil--and the machine runs hot as hell
22:31neil--i have a chrome extension right now that forces youtube to switch to h.264 instead of vp9
22:31neil--helps a bit
22:33neil--h.264 puts my cpu at ~ 20-25% usage, vp9 at ~ 50-55%
22:33neil--kinda surprised the h.264 even puts that much load on - since that should be hardware decoded too
22:38neil--verified that chrome has hardware acceleration turned on
22:38Caspy7neil--: currently developers are working to optimize encode times and it has been going down
22:39quikeemost performance optimiziations are typically done after stream freeze
22:40Caspy7well, they're doing a bunch now
22:40Caspy7especially for the stuff they know they're keeping
22:42Caspy7also, the encode times have been *so* slow that it's a burden on development
22:43neil--ya i could see that
22:43neil--hard to test/verify
22:45quikeewell, usually you do perf. optimizations before freeze for stuff that you aren't sure how much you can optimize it and if it is too complex you drop it... everything else can wait
22:50neil--wish i could code to help
22:51Caspy7at the very least, PVQ and some other tech (mostly PVQ I think) really slowed things down, and speeding it up may be a factor in acceptance. Proving that the codec can be viable with it
22:53neil--i think the main question is how long it'll take to get into hardware
22:53neil--i mean, VP9 was released in 2012 and only just now (2017, 5 years later) made it into an igpu
22:59Caspy7neil--: getting into hardware quickly is a high priority of AV1. The original plan (before this) had the freeze in something like Nov/Dec of 2016 and then being in hardware in 2017
23:00Caspy7neil--: see also the list of AOM members
23:00Caspy7lots of hardware related partners
23:01quikeeI don't think it will take long
23:04neil--hopefully with everyone onboard it'll go faster this time
23:04neil--but i'm not sure i believe 6 months or whatever
23:04wiakif anyone is wondering, am now have a Ryzen 1700X system and shall do some benchmarks :)
23:05neil--those look like interesting cpus
23:05neil--would be nice to get a cheap 6 core chip
23:05neil--though at the moment i'm on a dual core laptop =/
23:05neil--wish apple would put quad cores in 13" models
23:05wiakneil-- depends on the h264 settings used, my laptop cant play 1080p60 in hardware
23:06wiakyou can also use one of those h264ify or auto hd for youtube extensions and force it to 720p or 1080p30
23:07neil--ya that's what i'm using wiak
23:07neil--though still see like 20% cpu usage for some reason on a 2011 macbook w/ intel HD3000
23:07neil--(which is supposed to support hardware decode of h.264)
23:07neil--so not sure why it's still @ 25% or whatever
23:07wiakam on a amd A8-45xx system right now btw
23:07neil--better than 60% for vp9 though, that's for sure
23:07wiakasus zenbook
23:15Caspy7neil--: for something like youtube I know there's more that goes into it than the decoding part
23:15neil--probably takes some cpu just to stream it at all
19 Mar 2017
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