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18 Apr 2017
15:16ltrudeauis the meeting on hangout or webex?
15:28gnafuWasn't that the confusion last time? ;-)
15:46utacknever heard of bitmovin before...but the more the merrier i guess :D
17:43ltrudeauwhy is etherpad in spanish?
17:44ltrudeausorry wrong channel
17:44derfPara mayor comodidad.
20:54rillianhi. how do I submit patches to libaom?
20:56rillianah, that's where the rendered version lives
21:01rillianyay, it worked!
21:02rilliando I need to assign reviewers?
21:03derfI mean, that will make it much more likely that someone will notice your patch and review it.
21:06rilliancan you review patches?
21:06unlordrillian: I don't see your patch
21:07unlordwait, I found it 10163
21:07rillianderf: rust has triage bots, which is a lot more friendly than figuring out who to ask for review
21:10unlordrillian: actaully, it seems like that should be a #define somewhere
21:11unlordAlthough I don't really have a problem with it like that
21:12rillianunlord: I'm happy to make it a define instead. C++ has warped my brain to the point where I think having a type is worth declaring it as a variable.
21:12derfIt turns out that values have types already.
21:13derfThe problem is that in C++ nothing is every the type you want it to be.
21:13rilliansee? warped.
21:16codeviewCan anyone please explain for me when this is executed during inter prediction search for sub8x8 block?
21:17rillianunlord: so am I changing it to a define, or is the local const ok?
21:18derfI think the local const is fine.
21:18codeviewThat is, it skips encode_inter_mb_segment_sub8x8() and thereafter, because for current sub8x8 block it somehow found better rdcost which comes from bsi_buf[].
21:18codeviewThe bsi_buf[ ] is indexed by interpolation filter, passed from av1_rd_pick_inter_mode_sub8x8() to rd_pick_inter_best_sub8x8_mode().
21:21rillianderf: ok, thanks. will a merge button appear after test results come back?
21:22unlordrillian: yes, eventually :)
21:26codeviewWhat does ref_bsi indicarte in rd_pick_inter_best_sub8x8_mode()?
19 Apr 2017
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