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14 Sep 2017
01:36unlordis jenkins hung?
01:43ltrudeauunlord: a lot of machine are idle
01:43unlordltrudeau: I've been trying to re-trigger my patches and none of them will start
01:44ltrudeauyet there stuff in the queue that been there for more than 10 houirs
02:22ltrudeauunlord: It appears that 16590 is Waiting for the completion of libaom__compile_experiments-2 since 15:07:12
02:23ltrudeaucan somebody look into this ?
02:25ltrudeauIt would appear that compile_experiments-2 finished
12:43ltrudeauJenkins is still stuck please fix it
12:57unlordltrudeau: I emailed jzern
13:17ltrudeauunlord: awesome thanks
16:42codeviewltrudeau, unlord: do we ever know where the jenkins severs are physically located?
16:43ltrudeaucodeview: I don'T
16:43codeviewMy son know how to turn on and off of sth. (after school)
16:43unlordcodeview: i'm pretty sure that google is hosting them
16:44codeviewis it somewhere in their remote sever warehouse? like colorado?
19:58unlordgood news, jzern is on the job
20:55ltrudeaugo jzern!
15 Sep 2017
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