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14 Mar 2017
21:54peloverdecodeview: Why did you rebase 8383 on top of your unsubmitted no reviewers selected change?
21:57codeviewpeloverde: Was there any change in the patch by doing that? I though just referencing it for my patch would do no harm..
21:58codeviewSince my WIP patches wanted to base on that patch.
21:59peloverdeyou put them in the opposite order, that patch on top of your patches
21:59peloverdeso now all of your patches need to be submitted before 8383
22:02codeviewOH my god.. is it possible revert what I did (rebasing) on this patch?
22:03derfcodeview: It's all in the reflog somewhere...
22:03derfThis is why I always make a new branch before doing destructive rebases.
22:04codeviewHmm.. what I did was: I have say 6 patches in gerrit then on top of it I fetched 8383 from gerit, then write my two of new patches.
22:05codeviewThen wanted to push those two new patches.
22:05peloverdeI will push a new rebase
22:05codeviewpeloverde: thank you so much!
22:06codeviewderf: so, new branch here means local branch, right? Then, push to gerit from the new branch would not touch the patch in gerit I referenced/based from?
22:07derfcodeview: Gerrit operates based on the Change-ID.
22:07derfSo if you push a commit with the same Change-ID as an existing patch, Gerrit will update it.
22:07derfIt doesn't know anything about local branches.
22:25codeviewpeloverde: can you tell me how did you solve it then? rebased on top of current master?
22:30peloverdeI rebased ontop of current master
22:34codeviewok i see. thx again. So, it seems I should not push C in A --> B --> C, where A is my gerit patch earlier than gerit patch B, and C is my new patch based on both A and B. Since I am adding new history that last B (where C bases on) is based on A.
22:35peloverdeif you need that config to be public I reccomend forking chage-ids
22:45codeviewoh.. that is high tech to me :)
22:46codeviewbut will try learn how..
22:46codeviewpeloverde: is ready for merging
15 Mar 2017
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