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11 Jan 2017
17:48peloverdeIn build_inter_predictors what's the difference between w/h and bw/bh?
23:13TD-Linuxunlord / peloverde what's status of the last 4 aom_reader/writer PVQ patches
23:15peloverdeTD-Linux: I see 4 PVQ patches in my incoming all are +2
23:17TD-Linuxya hence me asking :)
23:17peloverdeThen I guess the owner should hit submit when ready to merge?
23:21peloverdeI've been operating under the assumption that those have already been reviewed and require no further action from me
23:21TD-Linuxyeah so I'll wait for unlord to respond
23:22TD-Linuxwasn't sure if you had made comments offline or something
23:51unlordpeloverde: you were added as a reviewer by Yaowu yesterday
23:51unlordI wasn't sure if there was something specific he wanted you to look at
23:54peloverdehe asked me to look at the active entropy patches, but I thought it was just the EC_ADAPT stuff
23:55peloverdethese PVQ changes seem pretty harmless to me, I took a quick look at +2ed the 4 of them
12 Jan 2017
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