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10 Aug 2017
08:56cheweyPlease don't hit me if this is too much of an FAQ: Is there a way for actual AV1 playback under Windows? I have made an encoding with a recent (aom-git-r21543(897dd19)) encoder from . The newest VLC-from-git build recognises the codec, but won't play it.
08:57cheweyI guess my encoding is just too cutting edge?
09:02TD-Linuxchewey, yeah the bitstream format isn't finalized yet so it always changes
09:02TD-Linuxyou need a build of VLC with the same libaom version you used for aomenc
09:03TD-Linuxfor a quick test you can use aomdec to decode to a .y4m file you then play with vlc
09:15cheweyTD-Linux: Ah, I see. I'll do that then. Thanks!
19:16peloverdeHey folks, just letting you know that I'm moving on to other things and leaving the project at the end of next week.
19:17codeview_peloverde: you mean moving out of av1/aom?
19:17codeview_oh thats sad to hear.. any plan to coming back?
19:17atomnukerpeloverde: still at google or elsewhere?
19:18codeview_wishing you best lucks in new project!
19:19codeview_oops.. really?
19:19codeview_even getting out of MV, going to SF!?
19:19atomnukerpeloverde: neat
19:20peloverdecodeview_: I live in Oakland, so it should provide a shorter commute
19:21codeview_yeah- thats always good to save your precious time...
11 Aug 2017
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