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30 Apr 2017
00:06pulsebotCheck-in: - Bobby Holley - servo: Merge #16659 - Speed up stylist rebuilds (from bholley:faster_stylist_rebuild); r=emilio
00:19philorcute, halfway through mochitest-a11y puts up a "What should Nightly do with this file?" dialog which then stays up for the rest of the run
00:29philorand given that the later test which I was interested in counts the number of open windows, that probably means that it cannot be successfully run by itself
01:24pulsebotCheck-in: - Hiroyuki Ikezoe - Bug 1341102 Update mochitest expectations for -moz-transform. r=me
04:00pulsebotCheck-in: - Bill McCloskey - Bug 1360372 - Acquire cooperative lock when entering system zone group (r=bhackett)
30 Apr 2017
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