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23 Jun 2017
00:03pulsebotCheck-in: - Mats Palmgren - Bug 1374875 - Use simpler mutation observer than nsRange for media elements. r=cpearce
00:03pulsebotCheck-in: - Mats Palmgren - Bug 1375075 - Remove a FlushPendingNotifications that we don't need anymore. r=cpearce
00:03pulsebotCheck-in: - Mats Palmgren - Bug 1375097 - Remove nsRange::SetEnableGravitationOnElementRemoval() since it's now dead code. r=smaug
00:10pulsebotCheck-in: - Dan Glastonbury - Bug 1374494 - P1: Add pulse-rs folder to r=kinetik
00:11pulsebotCheck-in: - Dan Glastonbury - Bug 1374494 - P2: Update cubeb-pulse-rs to commit djg/cubeb-pulse-rs/6451581. r=kinetik
00:47pulsebotCheck-in: - Nazm Can Altnova - servo: Merge #17484 - Bump cssparser version to 0.16.1 in toml files (from canaltinova:upup); r=emilio
00:47pulsebotCheck-in: - Servo VCS Sync - No bug - Revendor rust dependencies
00:54pulsebotCheck-in: - Marco Castelluccio - Bug 1374348 - Rewrite paths from JAR files. r=chmanchester
01:36pulsebotCheck-in: - Daosheng Mu - Bug 1368284 - Add SH_ADD_AND_TRUE_TO_LOOP_CONDITION shader compile work around for Intel drivers on MacOSX; r=jgilbert
01:47pulsebotCheck-in: - Nicholas Nethercote - Bug 1375299 (part 1) - Reduce usage of MOZ_GECKO_PROFILER. r=mstange.
01:47pulsebotCheck-in: - Nicholas Nethercote - Bug 1375299 (part 2) - Remove PROFILER_MARKER. r=mstange.
01:50pulsebotCheck-in: - J. Ryan Stinnett - servo: Merge #17481 - Stylo: Move match and cascade temporaries to CurrentElementInfo (from jryans:move-rule-node); r=bholley
01:53philoroh, good, instead of a third day in a row of incomprehensible merge bustage from two incompatible greens colliding, today it's just merged-around permaorange
01:56geraldphilor: Hi! Is it ok if I repeat some jobs on Autoland, from a few days ago? (Trying to find the source of some intermittents)
01:56philorgerald: absolutely okay, beyond okay and well into wonderful territory
01:58philorwin8 backlog's a little high, but it can still easily cope with hundreds of jobs more, everything else is just sitting waiting for something to do
01:59geraldI don't think I need win8 for now, thanks
02:15philorlovely, autoland's build bustage on build bustage, glandium seeing ato's Windows and Linux64 and raising him Linux32
02:16* philor should reopen it so someone can break Mac
02:16philorin fact, I'm a whole lot suspicious that nobody has
02:17glandiumah I broke make check with per-review changes
02:17philorlike maybe that bugmail I saw closing a bug about make check on Mac used to wrong resolution, and meant "screw running make check, that would be hard and we don't want to"
02:18philornever listen to reviewers, they'll only make you sad
02:18philorplus almost none of them will notice you didn't address comments, and you can quickly identify the few who will
02:20philorare you fixing, or am I backing out? I can't keep straight who does what on autoland
02:20glandiumphilor: you can backout just this part:
02:20philorwill do, thanks
02:21philorbut first, to see whether I was drunk last night, or someone really did break hg oops -esr whichever:probablyolder
02:22philorwhich I'm sure I've always done in that order, and I think not only did it not reverse it to oldest:newest, but then when I put it oldest:newest in the command I still got an attempt at a newest:oldest backout
02:27philorglandium: should I back out too, or just its test line?
02:27glandiumphilor: just its test line
02:31pulsebotCheck-in: - Phil Ringnalda - Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1372595) for build bustage everywhere except Linux32 and OS X
02:31pulsebotCheck-in: - Phil Ringnalda - Backed out changeset f1288dc02384 (bug 1354581) for bustage
02:33pulsebotCheck-in: - Teng-pao Yu - Bug 1369650 - Fix lint: NewApi issues in; r=maliu
02:34pulsebotCheck-in: - Daosheng Mu - Bug 1371228 - Handling SteamVR process quit events to avoid crashes; r=kip
02:35mike5w3cis the certutil.exe binary for Windows available for download from somewhere?
02:36glandiummike5w3c: it's probably in some of the .zips used for tests
02:36mike5w3cglandium: yeah that is what is claimed in the help message that wptrunner emits
02:37glandiummike5w3c: does it say which one?
02:37mike5w3cbut am right now trying to help some Microsoft folks get their test environment set up
02:37mike5w3cdunno lemme check
02:38mike5w3cDownload the firefox archive and archive for your platform
02:38mike5w3cThen extract certutil[.exe] from the package and
02:38mike5w3clibnss3[.so|.dll|.dynlib] and but the former on your path and the latter on
02:39philorit's a shame that people apparently really like having a lying needinfo request after they get backed out
02:39glandiummike5w3c: try
02:40mike5w3cglandium: yeah, just tried that
02:40mike5w3cand found it
02:41mike5w3cright in the bin/ subdir
02:41mike5w3cdunno how they missed it
02:43philoranbody want to make a guess at which of bsmedberg's four csets from four bugs is the one that caused merged-around permaorange in a dom/filesystem/ workers test?
02:51pulsebotCheck-in: - Tim Taubert - Bug 1375450 - Remove unused U2FTokenManager::PrefPromise r=qDot
02:52pulsebotCheck-in: - Tim Taubert - Bug 1375512 - Don't require a U2F*TokenManager to expose IsRegistered() r=qDot
02:54pulsebotCheck-in: - Fernando Jimnez Moreno - servo: Merge #17470 - stylo: Implement custom property value getter (from ferjm:bug1336891.customprops.patch); r=emilio
02:55mike5w3cglandium: but the libnss3 lib does not seem to be in there
02:56glandiummike5w3c: do you want a dll or a lib?
02:56glandiummike5w3c: the dll is in firefox
02:56mike5w3cthis is for the Microsoft people so I assume a dll
02:56mike5w3cah OK
03:03pulsebotCheck-in: - Jeff Gilbert - Bug 1375721 - Use SH_SCALARIZE_VEC_AND_MAT_CONSTRUCTOR_ARGS on Intel+OGL. - r=daoshengmu
03:13philornice, and merged-around near-permaorange from the other direction
03:13cpetersonnjn: I don't think is the latest version (2.0). Try according to bug 1339557.
03:13njncpeterson: thanks!
03:29dbarondolske: would additional platforms be required for the all-green push trophy?
03:30dolskedbaron: yes, you'd need Windows and Mac too.
03:30* dolske nervously wonders if he has any trophys left...
03:31dbarondolske: well, it seemed pretty impressive these days for that number of jobs to be all-green
03:32pulsebotCheck-in: - steveck-chung - Bug 1339745 - Sort the profile results for autocomplete popup by last used time, r=lchang
03:33njndbaron: yes, still impressive
03:34dolsketrue. also I seem to be officially out of trophies.
03:35pulsebotCheck-in: - Fernando Jimenez Moreno - Bug 1336891 - stylo: Implement custom property value getter. r=emilio
03:35pulsebotCheck-in: - Fernando Jimenez Moreno - Bug 1336891 - stylo: update test expectations. r=emilio
03:45pulsebotCheck-in: - Phil Ringnalda - Backed out changeset 8b34a8ccdb17 (bug 981818) for Windows opt permaorange in test_worker_basic.html
03:45pulsebotCheck-in: - Phil Ringnalda - Backed out changeset 93e8c43340e4 (bug 1372988) for Windows opt permaorange in test_worker_basic.html
03:45philoryou get a backout
03:45pulsebotCheck-in: - Phil Ringnalda - Backed out changeset 4f0ee0f75a30 (bug 1367813) for Windows opt permaorange in test_worker_basic.html
03:45philorand you get a backout
03:45pulsebotCheck-in: - Phil Ringnalda - Backed out changeset 5856f1c45a92 (bug 1375077) for Windows opt permaorange in test_worker_basic.html
03:45pulsebotCheck-in: - Phil Ringnalda - Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1357641) for OS X near-permaorange in browser_permissionsPromptDeny.js
03:46pulsebotCheck-in: - 6 changesets - Merge m-c to autoland
03:47pulsebotCheck-in: - Phil Ringnalda - Backed out changeset b7a44b036e41 (bug 1374348) for failing on Windows
03:48pulsebotCheck-in: - 6 changesets - Merge m-c to m-i
03:49philorTIL we have a TimerThread::FindNextFire, a name I'd quite like if that was actually all of the name
03:59pulsebotCheck-in: - Ting-Yu Lin - servo: Merge #17471 - stylo: Fix pseudo element matching for rules in XBL stylesheets (from aethanyc:fix-pseudo-element-matching-xbl); r=emilio
04:07pulsebotCheck-in: - Jeff Muizelaar - Bug 1374900. Remove useless RecordToStream calls. r=lsalzman
04:07pulsebotCheck-in: - Jeff Muizelaar - Bug 1374900. Make our low level serialization functions generic over the type of stream. r=lsalzman
04:07pulsebotCheck-in: - Jeff Muizelaar - Bug 1374900. Add MemWriter r=lsalzman
04:07pulsebotCheck-in: - Jeff Muizelaar - Bug 1374900. Replace MemWriter with a MemStream implementation. r=lsalzman
04:07pulsebotCheck-in: - Jeff Muizelaar - Bug 1374900. Rewrite DrawEventRecorderMemory to use the MemStream infrastructure. r=lsalzman
04:07pulsebotCheck-in: - Jeff Muizelaar - Bug 1374900. Replace CopyRecording with direct use of the memory buffer. r=lsalzman
04:07pulsebotCheck-in: - bechen - Bug 1373975 - Modify the testcase to meet spec. if a cue.endTime is equal to playbacktime, the cue is not an activeCue. r=rillian
04:19pulsebotCheck-in: - David Anderson - Initial import of Advanced Layers. (bug 1365879 part 20, r=bas)
04:19pulsebotCheck-in: - David Anderson - Add MLGPU feature bits and compositor initialization. (bug 1365879 part 21, r=mattwoodrow)
04:19pulsebotCheck-in: - David Anderson - Add Advanced Layers to the compositor line in about:support. (bug 1365879 part 22, r=milan)
04:19pulsebotCheck-in: - David Anderson - Add Telemetry environment and failure tracking for Advanced Layers. (bug 1365879 part 23, r=milan, data_r=bsmedberg)
04:19pulsebotCheck-in: - David Anderson - Add Advanced Layers to the reftest sandbox. (bug 1363879 part 24, r=mattwoodrow)
04:19pulsebotCheck-in: - David Anderson - Add an acceleration test for Advanced Layers on Windows. (bug 1365879 part 25, r=milan)
04:19pulsebotCheck-in: - David Anderson - Add memory reporting. (bug 1365879 part 26, r=mattwoodrow)
04:27philoroh goodie, I get to back out two people who always yell about being backed out
04:30philoroh, just one, that's better
04:32pulsebotCheck-in: - Phil Ringnalda - Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1373007) for failing to mark the unexpected passes on OS X
04:42pulsebotCheck-in: - Chris Peterson - Bug 1375699 - Only define the Stylo pref if Stylo support is actually built in. r=bholley
04:53pulsebotCheck-in: - Nicholas Nethercote - Bug 1374580 (part 1) - Remove nsASingleFragment{,C}String typedefs. r=froydnj.
04:53pulsebotCheck-in: - Nicholas Nethercote - Bug 1374580 (part 2) - Remove nsAFlat{,C}String typedefs. r=froydnj.
04:53pulsebotCheck-in: - Nicholas Nethercote - Bug 1374580 (part 3) - Remove ns{,C}Substring typedefs. r=froydnj.
04:54pulsebotCheck-in: - Chris Pearce - Bug 1375708 - Use base::Time() instead of time(0) in WidevineDecryptor::GetCurrentWallTime(). r=gerald
04:59glandiumphilor: can I ask you to land something on autoland?
04:59philorglandium: is it something that will make me happy?
04:59* philor tries to imagine that
04:59glandiumphilor: it's a fixed version of what you backed out from me
05:00philorunlikely to make me enraged, anyway
05:00philorand given that every single promise to me about autoland has been broken, I see no reason to respect any of the teeny tiny bits of what it was supposed to be that remain, so sure
05:00philorit's just a weird inbound with stupid half-broken permissions, what can I land there for you?
05:02pulsebotCheck-in: - Mantaroh Yoshinaga - servo: Merge #17467 - Add get_zero_value for IntermediateSVGPaint (from mantaroh:svg-zero-value); r=birtles
05:03glandiumphilor: the mozreview->autoland workflow is a PITA for fixups, partial backouts and stuff
05:03pulsebotCheck-in: - Mantaroh Yoshinaga - Bug 1371199 - Update Stylo test expectations for reftests that use by-animation of 'fill'. r=birtles
05:06pulsebotCheck-in: - Mike Hommey - Bug 1354581 - Add unit tests for DEVELOPER_OPTIONS. r=chmanchester
05:09pulsebotCheck-in: - Gerald Squelart - Bug 1374441 - Backed out bug 1374173 (MediaCacheStream Seek&Read refactoring) - r=jwwang
05:09glandiumphilor: thanks
05:24pulsebotCheck-in: - Phil Ringnalda - Backed out changeset 91f89d105e2f (bug 1372385) for unexpected passes of test_2_conformance__textures__misc__tex-image-with-format-and-type.html on OS X
05:24philorthat's right, I've been home from work for four hours now, and I'm still backing things out, and I'm not done yet
05:33pulsebotCheck-in: - Phil Ringnalda - Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1334550) for Windows timeouts in test-oop-extensions/test_ext_unlimitedStorage.html
05:46glandiumbholley: ping
05:46bholleyglandium: (not around for much longer, but pong)
05:46glandiumbholley: how do you suggest I verify what you asked me to? :)
05:47bholleyglandium: ideally, setting a breakpoint at threadpool creation and looking at the call stack that triggered it
05:47bholleyglandium: unless this isn't something you can reproduce locally?
05:47pulsebotCheck-in: - Munro Mengjue Chiang - Bug 1374938 - use our own avfoundation wrapper. r=jib
05:47glandiumbholley: ok, will do
05:47* bz_away finally traces his hangs down to the gecko profiler
05:48bz_awayglandium: dunno whether you saw my question earlier about the tabstats extension?
05:48bholleybz_away: yes, those are super annoying, especially on rust docs
05:48glandiumbholley: I might try your suggestion too
05:48bzbholley: oh, this is a known issue?
05:48bzbholley: in my case it completely locked up the content process....
05:48glandiumbz: new version in the amo review queue, it was 118 of 118
05:48bzbholley: 100% CPU
05:48bzglandium: sweet, thank you!
05:48glandiumbz: it was just the multiprocessCompatible flag missing
05:49bzbholley: Spending all its time doing js::PCToLineNumber
05:49bholleybz: bug 1245213
05:49bzThat's not what I'm seeing
05:49bzOh, nevermind, it is
05:49* bz sees Jan's comments
05:49glandiumbholley: I guess doing a try push with modified stuff under servo/ is not going to work, is it?
05:49bzSo in my case this was triggering because of Google docs
05:49bholleyglandium: oh it'll totally work
05:50glandiumor maybe it would, since it's not third_party/rust?
05:50bholleyglandium: right
05:50bholleyglandium: third_party/rust you need to mess around with [replace]
05:50glandiumbholley: that part of cargo sucks sooooo much
05:50bzer, google calendar
05:50bholleyglandium: srsly
05:50bholleyglandium: but yeah, we do try pushes to servo code all the time
05:50bholleyglandium: stylo development would grind to a halt without it
05:52* bz wishes the gecko profiler would stay off when he turns it off
05:52bzOr stay on when turned on, for that matter
05:52* bz isn't sure how it's deciding which one to do after a restart, but it's certainly not persisting state
05:56glandiumbz: FYI, 109 of 120 in the amo review queue.
05:57bzglandium: the system works. ;)
05:57* bz is an optimist
05:57glandiumI wonder if there's a reason we need a review when the only changes are in install.rdf
05:57glandiumbesides oversight
05:58bzbholley: so I'm having a hard time writing a failing first-letter testcase
05:58bzbholley: because no matter what we do we just reframe anything with a first-letter if it gets styled. ;)
05:58* bz trying to kill that reframing off, then actually fix the resulting lack of restyling
06:05pulsebotCheck-in: - Jyotsna Prakash - servo: Merge #17472 - return Option from GlobalScope::current (from moonlightdrive:globalscope-current-option); r=asajeffrey
06:20glandiumgdb, I hate you
06:20glandiumor rust, whichever
06:27glandiumman, breaking on lazy_static initializers is a PITA
06:28pulsebotCheck-in: - Nicholas Nethercote - Bug 1375387 - Reorder and section-ify GeckoProfiler.h. r=mstange.
06:29pulsebotCheck-in: - Rex Lee - Bug 1374174 - Package UITour-lib.js only in onboarding extension to prevent noreference error. r=mossop
06:31pulsebotCheck-in: - Andreas Farre - Bug 1374514 - Don't use alias for SetDeadline signature. r=nfroyd
06:33gastongdb hates you back, you coredump
06:35glandiumno, gdb, I doubt protobuf is initializing stylo data
07:00pulsebotCheck-in: - Carsten "Tomcat" Book - Backed out changeset de9bb450199d on request from glob
07:02pulsebotCheck-in: - Nicholas Nethercote - Bug 1375392 - Tweak the PROFILER_LABEL* macros. r=mstange.
07:09glandiumTomcat|sheriffduty: do you know how bad the backlog is for talos on try?
07:09glandiumI have jobs that have been pending for more than 2 hours
07:09Tomcat|sheriffdutyaobreja|buildduty, ^ do you know
07:09Tomcat|sheriffdutyglandium, buildduty might know
07:11glandiumthe sad part is that I absolutely don't care about the speed part of the test, it could run on AWS, I wouldn't mind... but it still has to run on buildbot slaves :(
07:12glandiumI wonder if the "run me sooner" trick on buildapi still works
07:12aobreja|builddutyTomcat|sheriffduty:glandium: oldest talos job was submited 3 hours ago
07:12Tomcat|sheriffdutyglandium ^
07:12glandiumaobreja|buildduty: thanks
07:12aobreja|builddutywe have like 1200 pendigs for talos
07:13glandiumis taipei hammering talos?
07:13njnthe "Gecko Decision Task opt" job failed on my m-i push. Wonder what that means
07:13glandiumI mean, at this time of day... who else?
07:13pulsebotCheck-in: - Nico Grunbaum - Bug 1305813 - do not send empty StreamId;r=drno
07:14glandiumnjn: how did it fail?
07:15glandiumnjn: mwahahahahahaha it looks like your commit message triggered the try syntax parser
07:15glandiumand failed
07:15Tomcat|sheriffdutynjn, looking
07:15njnglandium: O_o
07:16aobreja|builddutytry: -b do -p all -u none -t all --rebuild 20
07:16glandiumwhich means two things: a) the try syntax parser is running outside try b) it's not rock solid
07:17Tomcat|sheriffdutynjn, ok will see that i find a checkin needed task to get builds running
07:17glandiumb) is not /entirely/ a problem, but a) clearly is
07:17Tomcat|sheriffdutyand file a bug for a)
07:19Tomcat|sheriffdutyglandium thats a releng bug right ?
07:19Tomcat|sheriffduty(for the component)
07:19glandiumTomcat|sheriffduty: tc
07:19glandiumTomcat|sheriffduty: CC me
07:19Tomcat|sheriffdutyyeah will do
07:20glandiumTomcat|sheriffduty: if you don't have a checkin-needed thing, you can land the msvc part of bug 1349064
07:20Tomcat|sheriffdutynjn, seems there is no checkin-needed bug for inbound right now - but since i'm aware of the problem i do not backout your change :)
07:20Tomcat|sheriffdutyoh yeah thanks glandium :)
07:20glandiumTomcat|sheriffduty: see comment 39
07:21jorgkTomcat|sheriffduty: Hi, do you know when you will be doing M-C merges today? Before 12 PM or after 12 PM?
07:22Tomcat|sheriffdutyjorgk, given the last 30 minutes likely after
07:22jorgkTomcat|sheriffduty: Umm, what happened in the last 30 minutes?
07:23Tomcat|sheriffdutynothing bad just friday fun stuff :))
07:23Tomcat|sheriffdutyjorgk, will ping you ping merges are done
07:23Tomcat|sheriffdutyglandium, that patches are mozreview so auto land right ?
07:23glandiumTomcat|sheriffduty: only *one* patch needs relanding
07:23glandiumthe rest will still blow up
07:24glandiumTomcat|sheriffduty: I'd advise transplanting the old landing
07:24jorgkTomcat|sheriffduty: My problem is this. Due to a backout on M-C, TB won't build right now, so I can fix this now, or wait until after your merge. But I need to fix it before noon, or the Daily fails.
07:24Tomcat|sheriffdutyjork ok so i will try to do merges before the nightly starts
07:25jorgkTomcat|sheriffduty: Maybe it's just false economy :-( and I should do the C-C repair now.
07:25Tomcat|sheriffdutyno thats fine, its doable for me
07:26Tomcat|sheriffdutyso i aim for a merge no later then in the next 2 hours :)
07:26jorgkOK, we revisit at 11:30.
07:28Tomcat|sheriffdutyglandium, njn filed bug 1375786
08:11pulsebotCheck-in: - Tomer Cohen - Bug 1375024 - Icons overlapping RTL text in onboarding tour r=mossop,rexboy
08:15Standard8Anyone know why ./mach xpcshell-test --debugger gdb --debugger-interactive <test> doesnt seem to work?
08:16Standard8trying to attach to xcode on to them, the test just runs regardless...
08:17Standard8I may have to drop in a mo, but will read logs
08:21daleharveyDoes anyone know what to look into when my windows build fails with
08:22daleharveyIts been clobbered, reconfigured + bootstrap, always the same error that doesnt seem to give me any indication of whats up
08:24pulsebotCheck-in: - Michal Novotny - Bug 1325336 - Generate statistics for cache performance on the given HW, r=valentin, r=honzab
08:40pulsebotCheck-in: - Luke Chang - Bug 1358944 - [Form Autofill] Support &quot;country-name&quot; fields. r=MattN,seanlee
08:54pulsebotCheck-in: - Gijs Kruitbosch - Bug 1369729 - use descriptionheightworkaround for sync panel, r=Paolo
09:03Tomcat|sheriffdutybc, ping
09:16pulsebotCheck-in: - 131 changesets (bugs 1370513, 1372578, 1373782, 1374204, 1374427 and 63 other bugs)
09:20Tomcat|sheriffdutydaoshengmu ping
09:20daoshengmuTomcat|sheriffduty : pong
09:20Tomcat|sheriffdutyhey daoshengmu i need your help :)
09:20Tomcat|sheriffdutyi do the merge from inbound to m-c
09:20Tomcat|sheriffdutybut there is a conflict
09:21Tomcat|sheriffdutydaoshengmu, is the conflict
09:21Tomcat|sheriffdutyin dom/canvas/WebGLShaderValidator.cpp
09:21Tomcat|sheriffdutycaused by bug 1375721
09:21daoshengmuTomcat|sheriffduty : ok. do you need backout my patch and re-land?
09:22Tomcat|sheriffdutyno only need a advice how to resolve this conflict
09:22Tomcat|sheriffdutyso that both changes can stay in
09:22Tomcat|sheriffdutybecause people like Sylvestre asked for the merge :)
09:22Tomcat|sheriffdutyso its not blocking the m-i to m-c merge
09:23daoshengmuTomcat|sheriffduty : I think you just need to keep both of these changes
09:23Tomcat|sheriffdutyok thats fine for me too
09:24SylvestreTomcat|sheriffduty, well, I just asked for a timing :)
09:25Tomcat|sheriffdutydaoshengmu, so its just i guess :)
09:25Tomcat|sheriffdutywith both changes
09:27daoshengmuTomcat|sheriffduty : yep. you got it!
09:28pulsebotCheck-in: - Florian Quze - Bug 1034599 - Convert remaining Promise.defer() uses to PromiseUtils.defer() or new Promise(), r=mconley.
09:28pulsebotCheck-in: - Florian Quze - Bug 1368456 - Remove imports of Promise.jsm from Firefox, r=mconley.
09:28pulsebotCheck-in: - Florian Quze - Bug 1368456 - blacklist Promise.jsm before first paint, r=mconley.
09:28pulsebotCheck-in: - Florian Quze - Bug 1368456 - remove Promise.jsm imports in tests, r=mconley.
09:28Tomcat|sheriffdutyok much thanks daoshengmu :)
09:28pulsebotCheck-in: - 61 changesets - merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central a=merge
09:30pulsebotCheck-in: - MilindL - Bug 1107364 - remove findNodeByDetails and maintain a map to fetch a node by details speedily, r=mak
09:30Tomcat|sheriffdutydaoshengmu, :)
09:32glandiumanyone know how to disable the sandbox in a try?
09:33pulsebotCheck-in: - Hiroyuki Ikezoe - Bug 1375767 - Don&#39;t use nsCSSPseudoElements::GetPseudoType() r=birtles
09:33pulsebotCheck-in: - Hiroyuki Ikezoe - Bug 1375767 - Pass CSSPseudoElementType to GetAnimationCollection() directly. r=birtles
09:33glandiumhaha --disable-sandbox
09:34Tomcat|sheriffdutyhmmmm daoshengmu there is a typo in the changes for bug 1365879
09:34KWierso|afkor --disable-content-sandbox if you just want to disable part of it
09:34Tomcat|sheriffduty has a wrong bug number
09:35Tomcat|sheriffdutydaoshengmu, will comment with this changeset manually in the right bug :)
09:39bcTomcat|sheriffduty: pong?
09:40Tomcat|sheriffdutyhey bc there seems to be a auto phone tier 2 permanent fail like
09:41jorgkTomcat|sheriffduty: Hi, more coming? Like Autoland?
09:41bcI&#39;ll look into it.
09:42Tomcat|sheriffdutyjorgk, autoland landed before :)
09:42Tomcat|sheriffdutyjorgk, even made 11:30am ;)
09:43jorgkNow I have 18 minutes to adapt /build changes to C-C ;-)
09:44pulsebotCheck-in: - 133 changesets - Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
09:45Tomcat|sheriffdutyjorgk, not sure, but you guys should have also the ability to cancel your nightly builds and retrigger new ones
09:45Tomcat|sheriffdutyif not, i guess releng can help realizing this
09:46pulsebotCheck-in: - 62 changesets - Merge mozilla-central to autoland
09:50jorgkTomcat|sheriffduty: Made it ;-) - Yes, we can kill Dailies and retrigger them. So far we&#39;ve been OK by communicating with the M-* sheriffs.
09:55jorgkTomcat|sheriffduty: Thanks again.
09:55Tomcat|sheriffdutyjorgk, anytime!
09:56jorgkTomcat|sheriffduty: Bye for now.
09:56Tomcat|sheriffdutyhave a nice weekend
09:56pulsebotCheck-in: - Makoto Kato - Bug 1375131 - Part 1. Store ranges before using on loop. r=masayuki
09:56pulsebotCheck-in: - Makoto Kato - Bug 1375131 - Part 2. Add crash test. r=masayuki
09:56pulsebotCheck-in: - Makoto Kato - Bug 1375131 - Part 3. Use stack class to save ranges before using on loop. r=masayuki
10:00jorgkTomcat|sheriffduty: Thanks. Usually bustage arrives for us on Fridays and the weekend :-(
10:02Tomcat|sheriffdutylike now on m-c
10:02jorgkOh no!! So my TB won&#39;t build now?
10:07Tomcat|sheriffdutydaoshengmu ping
10:08Tomcat|sheriffdutydaoshengmu, seems the changes from inbound and auto land don&#39;t play well togehter
10:13pulsebotCheck-in: - Nevin Chen - Bug 1366674 - Add Splash Screen. r=maliu
10:20pulsebotCheck-in: - Carsten &quot;Tomcat&quot; Book - Backed out changeset 20203c94ef23 (bug 1365879)
10:20pulsebotCheck-in: - Carsten &quot;Tomcat&quot; Book - Backed out changeset f05aa479a40e (bug 1365879)
10:20pulsebotCheck-in: - Carsten &quot;Tomcat&quot; Book - Backed out changeset ab715ee9ef99 (bug 1363879)
10:20pulsebotCheck-in: - Carsten &quot;Tomcat&quot; Book - Backed out changeset 35129e4e204b (bug 1365879)
10:20pulsebotCheck-in: - Carsten &quot;Tomcat&quot; Book - Backed out changeset be62d3eb3b3b (bug 1365879)
10:20pulsebotCheck-in: - Carsten &quot;Tomcat&quot; Book - Backed out changeset 9d0048e04446 (bug 1365879)
10:20pulsebotCheck-in: - Carsten &quot;Tomcat&quot; Book - Backed out changeset 8069471cda21 (bug 1365879)
10:20pulsebotCheck-in: - Carsten &quot;Tomcat&quot; Book - Bug 1365879 - Revert merge conflict resolution to fix bustage a=me
10:22pulsebotCheck-in: - 9 changesets - Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
10:23Tomcat|sheriffdutydaoshengmu, ok needed to revert the change :(
10:23daoshengmuTomcat|sheriffduty, sad...
10:24daoshengmuIs there a build error or test fail?
10:25pulsebotCheck-in: - 9 changesets - Merge mozilla-central to autoland
10:25Tomcat|sheriffdutydaoshengmu, could you take a look if i did right :)
10:29pulsebotCheck-in: - Carsten &quot;Tomcat&quot; Book - Backed out changeset 52f06c62dfe4 (bug 1375131)
10:29pulsebotCheck-in: - Carsten &quot;Tomcat&quot; Book - Backed out changeset 0c0db23bd493 (bug 1375131)
10:29pulsebotCheck-in: - Carsten &quot;Tomcat&quot; Book - Backed out changeset 094e8f3937e8 (bug 1375131) for bustage
10:30Tomcat|sheriffdutydaoshengmu, but it seems that is just os X
10:30daoshengmuTomcat|sheriffduty: will I think I saw the problem
10:33Tomcat|sheriffdutydaoshengmu, so the blackout should help right ?
10:33Tomcat|sheriffdutyor did i miss something ?
10:34daoshengmuTomcat|sheriffduty: you should put #ifdef XP_MACOSX inside if (gl->WorkAroundDriverBugs()) {
10:53pulsebotCheck-in: - Sebastian Hengst - Backed out changeset c0772946156f (bug 1369729) for failing browser-chrome&#39;s browser_appmenu_reflows.js with unexpected uninterruptible reflow. r=backout
10:56pulsebotCheck-in: - Carsten &quot;Tomcat&quot; Book - Backed out changeset dfdccf4dc6a1 (Bug 1368284) to fix bustage a=me
11:00petervTomcat|sheriffduty: is missing a closing brace it seems
11:01Tomcat|sheriffdutypeterv, yeah fixed this in
11:09pulsebotCheck-in: - 2 changesets - Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
11:11pulsebotCheck-in: - 2 changesets - Merge mozilla-central to autoland
11:19pulsebotCheck-in: - Carsten &quot;Tomcat&quot; Book - Backed out changeset ccc2926a42d6 (bug 1366674) for breaking android builds
11:21whimboodao: hi. since when do we reload web content when tearing off tabs?
11:22whimbooits pretty annoying especially when working with one click loaners in TC
11:22daoI don&#39;t know. haven&#39;t heard about that.
11:24kevinjIs it possible to get a reference to the browser from a frame script? Or from docShell?
11:26pulsebotCheck-in: - Luca Greco - Bug 1375373 - Increased promise race timeout to prevent unlimitedStorage permission tests from failing intermittently. r=aswan
11:28Gijs_awaykevinj: the browser is in the parent process, the frame script and docshell isn&#39;t.
11:28Gijs_awaykevinj: so in general, &quot;no&quot; - but what are you actually trying to do? :)
11:31kevinjGet a reference to browser.finder so I don&#39;t have to import Finder.jsm, but it&#39;s not a big deal. Thanks.
11:31pulsebotCheck-in: - Gijs Kruitbosch - Bug 1369729 - use descriptionheightworkaround for sync panel, r=Paolo
11:32whimboodao: k, so I will